Curious About Electrification? Here’s What You Need to Know

Lately, electrification has become a leader in many different industries, offering improved efficiency, sustainability, and a surge of creativity. What does electrification involve, and why has it become so popular all of a sudden? Electrification primarily entails shifting from conventional fossil fuel energy sources to electricity-based options. The transition has been driven by a mix … Read more

Data Science vs. Machine Learning: How Do They Differ?

 In the current data-driven environment, two terms frequently come to mind i.e., Data Science and Machine Learning. These fields remain at the forefront of technological advancements, allowing businesses and researchers to discover valuable information from large amounts of data. Although they share some similarities, they represent different disciplines with unique features.  Data Science Training in … Read more

A walkthrough of Supporting Vector Machines (also known as svms)

Introduction: Support Vector Machines, or svms, are an effective classification and regression tool that are used in machine learning. Svms are particularly useful when it comes to dealing with datasets that are high-dimensional and complex. In this book, we will go through the core ideas of support vector machines (svms), as well as the mathematical … Read more