The Formula 1 team Scuderia Toro Rosso

Scuderia Toro Rosso, now known as Scuderia AlphaTauri, is an Italian Formula One racing team that was founded in 2006. Visit now the 1xBet company for betting, where you will also be able to wager on other Formula 1 teams.

The team’s name, which means “Team Red Bull” in Italian, reflects its close association with Red Bull Racing, the parent team. Toro Rosso served as a platform for young driver development and technical collaboration with Red Bull Racing. The company for betting 1xBet features wagers on the best participants of Formula 1 events.

Debut and defining moments

Toro Rosso made its debut in the 2006 Formula One season, taking over the entry previously held by the Minardi team. The team’s headquarters are located in Faenza, Italy. In its early years, Toro Rosso had limited success, struggling to score points and competing towards the back of the grid. However, the team showed glimpses of potential and provided a valuable testing ground for emerging talents. You can grab the 1xBet apk download on phone, and use it to wager on Formula 1 participants from your Android gadgets.

One of the defining moments for Toro Rosso came in 2008 at the Italian Grand Prix when a young Sebastian Vettel secured the team’s first victory. This remarkable achievement not only showcased the team’s capability but also launched Vettel’s career. He eventually moved on to join Red Bull Racing and clinched multiple World Championships.

Over the years, Toro Rosso nurtured several talented drivers, such as:

  • Daniel Ricciardo;
  • Jean-Éric Vergne;
  • and Max Verstappen.

The latter made his Formula One debut at the age of 17 with the team, becoming the youngest driver in the history of the sport. Bettors can download the 1xBet apk on their phones, which can also be used to wager on Verstappen.

Separating from Red Bull

In 2010, Toro Rosso established itself as a separate entity from Red Bull Racing and became a constructor in its own right. The team continued to benefit from a technical collaboration with Red Bull, sharing resources and technology. The live casino games only on can entertain you while you wait for the next Formula 1 races.

In 2020, Toro Rosso was rebranded as Scuderia AlphaTauri, adopting the name of Red Bull’s fashion brand. The rebranding aimed to enhance the team’s identity and promote the AlphaTauri brand globally. The change in name was accompanied by a fresh livery and a more distinct visual identity. While waiting for great Formula 1 teams, try the live casino games only on the 1xBet casino and entertain yourself with them.