5 Essential Tips to Win Teen Patti Game Online | 3 Patti Tips

Teen Patti is a classic online casino game recognized by players worldwide. The online version of this game is similar to a classic card game and claimed to be originated in Indian sub continent. Of late, it has become one of the best casino games in the real money gambling arena.


Get to know all the tips and tricks to win big and ace the 3 patti game.

Basics of Teen Patti Game

Teen Patti is one of the most popular casino games played between three to six people using a regular deck of 52 cards.


The objective of this game is to get the best hand-ranking cards.
There is a set of hand-ranking rules to determine who has the highest value.


 5 Essential Tips to Win Teen Patti Game Online


Teen Patti rules are simple to understand. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced or newbie; by executing the below-mentioned tips, you can enhance your winning potential.


Play blind game


Players can play blind without seeing the cards until their money are not at stake. By playing blind, you can lower your bet in the pot compared to the other players.


Each move that raises the bet will put pressure on the other players. Using this strategy gives you an opportunity to play on the table where only people with good-hands cards will play against you. This makes it easier for you to win the game.


 There are no worst cards


Teen Patti is a game of skill and strategy, so it doesn’t matter what terrible card you have.  The game needs patience, practice and knowledge, so even if you have worse cards, you can still win big.


By making no mistakes and maintaining composer and guessing the opponents instead of not holding a proper hand, card players can win the game.  The longer the player stays at the game, the better the odds of coming to the top.


 Keep your emotions in control


Emotions can also affect your gaming experience. So no matter what feeling you are going through, you must not let that affect your game. It can hinder your ability to think correctly and make the right decision.


Always use a logical mind while playing the Teen Patti game to learn more about other players. Trust your thoughts and always play by thinking logically.


 Take Advantage of the bonuses


While playing the Teen Patti game, you must take advantage of bonuses that you can get while playing at a reputable site. Players can get three different kinds of bonuses that include:


Welcome Bonus
Cashback bonus
Refill bonus


You can get these bonuses for free and maximize your winning by using them.


Learn the Card Combinations


Each set of cards has its benefits. To learn the ranks, you must know which cards have a high value. For example, you have a high-ranking card, three sevens, two kings and six. By using these cards, you can make better decisions.


Play the Demo Version of the Game  

Players must play the game’s demo mode to learn the game mechanism and gameplay.  Players should consider learning one variation of the Teen Patti at a time and keep practicing. Take advantage of the demo version on Yolo247 and learn the rules and techniques for each version before playing for real money.

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 Wrapping Up


You can play the Teen Patti game to get fun and real money. Patience and practice are the key to winning any game, so keep searching for new ways and method that work while playing the Teen Patti game.


These five essential tips will help you win 3 patti online game consistently. Try out today!