Ever Wondered What Is So Unique About South Indian Restaurants?

People from all across the country or even the world wish to have at least one trip to South India. It is not only the beautiful natural abundance but also the unique and lip-smacking food giving all the reasons why you should be here at least once. South Indian food is definitely reaching globally with the expert South Indian restaurants giving us the knowledge about everything so good about the food here. Scroll below to find out all about it. 

Flavourful Chutney

One of the biggest perks that you will find only in the South Indian restaurants is the variety of wholesome and flavourful chutneys. Here, we are clearly talking about the nariyal chutney that every South Indian food lover is crazy about. This chutney is simply to balance the spicy taste and bring the flavour of tender coconut to savour. Be it with dosa, idli, or uttapam, a meal without this chutney is incomplete. 

If you have sambhar on the other side, then grab a spoon of both of these together. You will be stepping into another world. 


You will forget every soup and every stew if you have rasam by your side. The South Indian restaurants particularly have this topping their menu list because a bowl full of rasam will not be enough for anyone. This is very much liquid in consistency, but deep down; lentils could not taste any better. This soup has its own kind of seasoning, oils, and spiciness that blend together for the perfect mix. And along with that, plain rice is the perfect combination to balance the flavour and let you enjoy the rasam to the core. 


Mild Taste

Another perk that only South Indian restaurants can serve you is- you do not have to deal with any sort of spicy foods bringing you tears. You only have to enjoy some lip-smacking delicacies that are tender, delectable, and a perfect mix of spices. 

If you choose non-vegetarian food here, then you will be taken in another direction. But the sweet-sour-salty-curries of mutton, chicken, and fish here will be worth it. These restaurants will serve you everything unique, from non-vegetarian cuisine to vegetarian one. You will love to have it while KGF is on-screen. 

Healthy Diet

If you are looking for a healthy diet without compromising taste, then South Indian cuisine is the answer. South Indian restaurants bring you a perfectly balanced diet that you can have every day without even worrying about the calorie gain. You can even savour the non-veg curries with whole wheat flour chapatis, giving you the most nutrition with the least fat. This is why even a gym freak would give you a heads-up about South Indian food when you plan to order it for a feast at your home or with your group of girls sleeping over. 

So Many Infallible Experiments

Gone are the days when the only south Indian food people knew about was masala dosa and plain dosa. Today it is way more than that with the exclusive varieties and experiments done by South Indian restaurants. Cheese dosa is one of the finest examples of the same. In fact, many restaurants even have a dedicated menu for dosa, where you will not find the ordinary ones, in fact, the ones about which you have never heard of. Anna Idli, Uttar Dakshin by Naivedhyam, Udupi Gokula, etc., in Nagpur are some of the top-rated examples of restaurants serving eye-dropping examples of dosa, uttapam, and idli. 

Dinner In The Least Budget

If you’re looking for a fine dine at home but do not want to spend more than Rs. 200 on you, then South Indian Restaurants can surely help you with it. After all, one dosa is enough to kill your hunger, and things more than that are enough to satiate your cravings for South Indian food. If you are a smart mover and ordering from Swiggy, then you can also enjoy the added perks of discount coupons that are the cherry on top of cake. 

Healthy And Budget-Friendly Breakfast

Many Indians still prefer a plate full of idlis instead of a plate full of sandwiches. After all, this is healthy, tasty, and a very reasonable choice. There are so many amusing and mouth-watering food examples, including idli, vada, uttapam, and so much more, that still top the list of being the super-tasty and everyone’s favourite breakfast. If you are living all alone in Nagpur and missing the ghar ka khana, then you can always place an order for this from the South Indian restaurants. 

Won’t Cry Even If It Gets Cold

We often ask for food options that can be delivered hot or look for things that can be warmed up again. But it is only the food from South Indian restaurants that you can savour even if it gets a little bit cold by the time it reaches your home. You only have to worry about the dosa to maintain its crispiness; apart from this, you will never feel less, even if your idli gets a little cold on the way. In fact, many amazing chutneys like nariyal chutney are served cold to balance the hotness and flavours of the food. After all, many delicacies are relished the most when mild and less hot. 

 This is how the food of South Indian restaurants is ruling the world, irrespective of whether it is in Kerala or in Nagpur. You can always hit on the best foods in Nagpur by just booking online at Swiggy. This online platform gives you exposure to every top-rated restaurant justifying the taste of the cuisine in town. It does not matter where you are. You only have to book online. Swiggy will head straight to your doors with everything you are craving for.