Craft a dramatic ambience with these lighting tips

Ambient lighting is key to your lighting layout, and ambient lighting itself is key to lending a dramatic touch to your living space. Your space will lose that appeal, and it will come off as slightly uninteresting if it doesn’t have that depth and drama. Lighting can beautifully lend that dramatic touch to your living space, but sadly most homeowners never treat it as a priority for various reasons. 


If you need to create a dramatic interior, there are certain things you need to get right. When you start designing the lighting layout for your home, you’ll only find a couple of ways to create a true impact with illumination. And that impactful factor is all you need to create a dramatic effect in your home. We are here ot help you figure how to add just that depth and drama in your living space with a few tips and tricks. 


Make a statement with dramatic hanging light

There’s absolutely no other way to start your lighting layout other than placing a gorgeous hanging light in the space. Using a chandelier or a pendant light can beautifully bring the best out of your decor and a hanging light also sets the tone for your space. A hanging light can beautifully lend uniform illumination to your shared spaces and it helps your create certain zones if you have an open-plan layout. If the chandelier or the pendant light has dimmable lighting, then it even more perfect for creating that dramatic look in the space. 


Ambient lighting and accent lighting are a must 

Out of the three layers of lighting – ambient, accent and task – the first two are the most important for creating a dramatic atmosphere. When it comes to creating the perfect ambience in your space, lamps are the best lighting designs to go for. No matter if it is Home Decor , floor lamps, and wall lamps, you can use any of these lighting designs to add a gorgeous touch to your decor. Table lamps can beautifully lend soft lighting to your living space and that adds just the drama you need for that low-level illumination. Wall lamps and floor lamps and perfect to lend that mid-level illumination in your space and create that dramatic touch. 

When it comes to accent lighting, you can create various focal points in the space. Focus your lighting on certain home decor elements that can add depth and dimension to your living space. Consider going with wall decor like clocks, paintings and similar decorative elements to fill your walls. You can also consider going with home decor like sculptures, artifacts, marble decor and more to enhance the aura of your home.